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Mansfield, TX

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  • Pecan shell

  • Native red cedar (bug repellant)

  • Fine shredded (weed suppressant)

Local and Family-owned Mulch Supplier

You can get different kinds of mulch depending on your specific needs when you come to Rocky's Stone & More in Mansfield, TX for all of your bulk mulch purchase needs!

No matter if you're an individual homeowner getting mulch to help grow healthy vegetables or if you're a major developer, we can get you what you need!


You will appreciate different options to cater your mulch to a specific goal to help your plants, keep bugs away, or serve as a weed suppressant! If you want a mulch that will decompose and serve as a source of nutrients for flowerbeds, you will love our hardwood mulch options that can do just that.

Experienced mulch suppliers

You can consult with us on your garden or landscaping goals and we can use our 11 years of experience to help you choose a mulch that will suit your needs best and also fit your budget, call or stop by today!

Enjoy thriving plants and mulch that works hard for you!

Mulch options for any need

  • Black

  • Red

  • Native

Quality products, everytime

Not only do you get to enjoy the best quality mulch possible, but also enjoy quality building stone, gravel, river rock, outdoor kitchen materials, and grills.

Get the right mulch for your specific needs to help you reach your garden goals more quickly!


Servicing all of North Texas and delivery is available anywhere.





Pecan Shell


Native Red Cedar

Fine Shredded

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