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Mansfield, TX

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Custom Quality Building Stone

When you choose to get your chop stone from Rocky's Stone & More in Mansfield, TX, you're choosing stone that is sorted by color and type so all the stone you get is the same beautiful hues and they all match in texture and appearance.


You will appreciate the time we take to understand your needs. You will be sure that you will have the best type of building stone for the task at hand.

Affordable building rock

Not only do you get to experience the best, most personalized service possible, but can also enjoy the surprisingly affordable rates! Call today and find out how much you can save by buying directly from the supplier!

Locally and family-owned stone experts are ready to help you!

Building materials for any outdoor job

Not only do you get quality building stone with a range of styles and colors to choose from, but also get gravel, river rock, soil, mulch, outdoor kitchen building materials and a range of grills and other cooking appliances to choose from.

Get help from 11 years of experience in deciding on the right stone for your needs. You will get consistent quality.



Servicing all of North Texas and delivery is available anywhere.


Building Stone


Oklahoma Hickory

Oklahoma Leo

Chopped Natural Stone

Chopped 90/10 Sunset Blue / Tan

Chopped Austin Cream

Chopped Austin White

Chopped Lueders 50-50 Chocolate buff

Chopped Lueders

Cactus Rose

Chopped Lueders Cinnamon

Chopped Lueders

Dirty Chocolate

Chopped Lueders

Double Grey

Chopped Lueders Grey

Chopped Lueders Mix

Chopped Lueders Southwest Antique

Chopped Natural Stone Oklahoma Sunset Blue

Chopped Natural Stone Austin Nicotine

Chopped Natural Stone Oklahoma Leo

Natural Stone Oklahoma Multi Blend(double stack)

Chopped Natural Stone Tennessee

Chopped Natural Stone Tennessee

Chopped Oklahoma Brick Rock

Chopped Oklahoma Multi Blend

Oklahoma Square & Rectangle 90-10 Hickory - Sunset Blue

Oklahoma Wild Horse

Chopped Rattlesnake

Chopped Texas Tan

Lueders Hawaiian

Oklahoma Chopped Multi Blend

Quarry Chopped Natural Stone Grandberry Grey