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Mansfield, TX

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Beautiful Boulders, Gravel, and River rock

When you need river rock and gravel of consistent color and quality, your first choice is Rocky's Stone & More in Mansfield, TX. You can get beautiful stones that complement your home and look precisely as you envision.


With our range of boulder colors, sizes, and types, you will find the right boulder to accent your garden and create the curb appeal you strive for.

More affordable than you think

Many people think that buying rock is expensive. Did you know that when you purchase boulders, gravel, or river rock direct from the supplier you can SAVE hundreds, even thousands of dollars? Affordable stone is possible!

Serving Texas and surrounding states with quality and excellence since 2004.

For all of your outdoor stone needs

In addition to a stunning and unique boulder accent or the perfect gravel or river rock for your property, you can also enjoy consistent quality in your building stone, mulch, or outdoor kitchen building materials.

Enjoy a 1-stop shop for all of your stone needs with personal, professional, customer service.



Oklahoma Creek Rock

Texas Moss

Oklahoma Creek Rock

Oklahoma Moss

Canyon Boulders


Decomposed Granite

Road Base


Pea Gravel

Oklahoma Decomposed


River rock


Cherokee River

Oklahoma Creek Rock

Colorado Skippers


Mexican Beach Pebbles

South Texas

Colorado Tortillas Large


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Granite Gravel

Granite Gravel Decomposed Granite